Over one hundred years of passion and experience have driven Zanasi family to produce wine for more than four generations.

It all began in 1883, when Luigi Zanasi was born. He was a servant and a worker in the grounds of the great land owners of the time, in what was an era marked by hunger and misery, where supporting a family was a difficult task. In 1900 Luigi was not only working in the fields, but was also producing wine, having transformed his little farm home into a humble winery with eight small wooden barrels, capable of producing about 50HL of wine, which he distributed to inns in the surrounding towns, with the use of only a small cart pulled by his faithful horse.

In 1919, Bruno Zanasi was born and from a young age he was introduced to the world of agriculture, learning a trade which had already been launched by his father, but from which he was unfortunately detained at the age of eighteen when he was recruited for military service at  the start of World War II!

In 1952, once war and imprisonment were over, Bruno Zanasi married and two children were born: Marinella in 1954 and Luigi (named after Bruno’s father, who had passed away) in 1959.

However, Bruno did not resign himself. His passion had always been his love for agriculture and farming. So, in 1957,  the teachings of his father led him to buy a piece of land in San Vito which had an area of almost 10 acres. However it was this period which saw the birth of the industry and young workers, attracted by this innovation and the prospect of higher wages, abandoned farming and working in the fields.

Nonetheless, Bruno’s entrepreneurial instinct impeded him from abandoning the dream he had pursued. In 1978, with the  support of his children, he bought another 11 acres of land from Count Ranuzzi dei Binachi of Bologna, which led to him founding a  new company.

Over time, the Zanasi family restructured its estate, buying other plots near Castelnuovo, Castelvetro, and Spilamberto.

Today Bruno, who is approaching his ninetieth year of life but has not lost his passion for agriculture,  still works in the Zanasi Azienda Agricola, while his children, Marinella and Luigi, manage the company. Luigi is now also the owner of a pig farm for the production of Modena and Parma ham, along with a barn, where milk is processed for the production of Parmesan Cheese.

Now Bruno Zanasi’s grandson, Marco, is a true professional, thanks to the teachings of his grandfather who prepared him, with patience and passion, for the procedures required in the processing and producing wine.  He now also attends to the company, anticipating the day when his younger brother, Matteo, who is currently a student, can then collaborate with him to move the company forward, and continue that which their grandfather built with hard work and sacrifice.

This is the story that has been passed down over the years and that now enters the homes of those who enjoy in savouring and sharing what the Zanasi family has been able to create with innovation and  authenticity…The masterpiece of a lifetime… that will continue to be handed down  from generation  to generation…