Zanasi winery

Land, genuineness, simplicity

Aided by a rather fertile and generous land, the Zanasi winery offers wines of other times, in which authenticity and simplicity still prevail.

Wines which tell of the flavours of a countryside picnic, of homemade bread, of salami and of farm cheeses.

The vintage of a wine is determined by simple and natural elements, such as the sun, the rain, the snow, as well as the personal ambition of the owner, who aims to improve the quality of his vineyard.

The lands constituting the company are located near Modena, both in the plains, but especially in the hills of Castelvetro, for their Lambrusco Grasparossa of Castelvetro. The vineyards also include Pignoletto and Trebbiano of Castelvetro.

All of the grapes are directly cultivated by the Company. Only by growing these self-produced grapes, following tradition and constantly controlling the entire wine producing cycle from treating the vines, to harvesting, then leading to production, storage, refining, and bottling of the wine, can Zanasi wines be obtained.

Our Wines