Brut Spumante White Wine

Brut Spumante White Wine
Area of production
Castelnuovo Rangone (MO)
Pignoletto D.O.P.
System of cultivation
Alcoholic content
11,5% Vol
Residual Sugar
10 gr/lt
total Acidity
6,5 gr/lt
recommended serving temperature
8-10 °C

A wine of great balance and freshness, it is a linear sparkling wine obtained from grapes Pignoletto grown Modenese foothills, with a unique palate lenght. Feelings of great power, of extractive denisty, thickly felt, it stands out for the depth of his olfactory burst. Straw yellow colour with hints of bright moon, crystalline, fine and persisten perlage. Olfactory elegance reconnects us with the typical hints of his grape variety, its unmistakable aroma. The fruit aromas are supported by a minral foam which emits overpowering fuity and citrusy notes. good balance, freshness and proper acidity give this product a unique elegance. Intense, persistent and leaves a leasant palate desire to invoke another glass. Brut sparkling wine that will leave you particularly impressed by its high quality and harmony. Remains long on the palate a thick sip, tangy and smooth confirming olfacotry scents from memory citrusy. A great wine, of souplesse, density and creamy sweetness of expression. Ideal as aperifif, suitable for the whole meal. the perfect match with pasta with vegetables, grilled meats, grilled stuffed squid.

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